What you need to know about Shab’s men salon :

This is a hair salon exclusively for men as the name suggests. The fully equipped salon was established by Shabbir Jan-a famous Pakistani TV actor-in 2009. The brand has since then branched out to a total of two men hair salons in Karachi-specifically KDA and DHA-Pakistan, both of them being equally well equipped and facilitated.

They offer normal haircuts, hairstyling along with hair dye, streaking, hi-lights, perming and other styles, hair grooming and various hair treatments for damaged hair. It is believed to be one of the best men hair salons in Karachi.

Skin care is also a part of their services. Multiple facials that are suitable for your skin type are available. Their skin care service is quite popular among the local crowd in Karachi. The salon also provides massages, manicures and pedicures.

Why you need Shab’s men salon:

Living in Karachi your skin suffers from pollutants from the air and the sun. This damages the skin and the facials and skin grooming can help your skin regain its health and glow.

A new haircut helps you look fresh and groomed. It radiates an aura of charm and discipline.